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Diesel Fuel Chart

Last updated: 2023-03-07

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Diesel Fuel Accelerator (Surcharge) Program

Fuel is one of the few expenses you as a Contract Carrier have very little control over. When diesel fuel prices are high it negatively impacts all of us. In an effort to help all Contract Carriers, Alter is willing reduce your risk of high fuel prices. Starting in February of 2016 Alter will be rolling out a new fuel surcharge program that will be a simple, transparent process which provides a mechanism to deal with variations in fuel cost. This company wide program will replace the many Contract Carriers' fuel programs, minimizing the complexity of invoicing, reconciling and paying of invoices. We are confident you will find this program a fair and reasonable way to compensate Contract Carriers for surges in fuel costs.

Diesel Fuel Accelerator

At monthly intervals starting on the first Monday of each month (each, a "Diesel Price Determination Date"), Alter will obtain from the U.S. Energy Information Administration or other nationally recognized organization the then-current average price for one gallon of diesel fuel in Contract Carrier's "Home Region" (the "Diesel Average"). For purposes of this Diesel Accelerator section, Contract Carrier's "Home Region" is the state in which Contract Carrier is based, determined by the location of the Alter Yard or Yard's it's supporting. In other words, (a) if Contract Carrier is based in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, or Wisconsin, Contract Carrier's Home Region is Padd 2 , (b) if Contract Carrier is based in Alabama or Mississippi, Contract Carrier's Home Region is Padd 3. Contract Carriers can only have one Home Region.

If the Diesel Average is greater than $1.76 on any Diesel Price Determination Date (See enclosed schedule), Contract Carrier will earn a "Diesel Accelerator" on each completed transportation service made during the Month period following such Diesel Price Determination Date. Diesel Accelerator applicable only to the line haul rate only. The rate at which Contract Carrier earns the Diesel Accelerator will be outlined in the Schedule A document.

Diesel Fuel Update

On each Diesel Price Determination Date, Alter will update our system to reflect the Contract Carriers current Diesel Fuel Accelerator Percentage based on their Home Region. Contract Carriers have the ability to independently monitor the source data used to determine the Diesel Fuel Accelerator by going on the U.S. Energy Information Administration website, www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel. Click on the "Gasoline and Diesel Fuel" tab and look up the diesel price for your Home Region on each Diesel Price Determination on Date.