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Grand Island, Nebraska
Scrap Facility
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1119 E. 4th St.
Grand Island, NE 68801
Phone: 308-381-0600
Fax: 308-381-1829

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Facility Manager

Ken Barber

About Grand Island

Here in Grand Island, our Alter Team is relatively new but we are excited about the challenges that lay ahead. Though our head count is 11, we have only 3 employees with more than 5 years of employment with Alter. Even though we are green, our efforts are integral. Our Team takes great pride in our responsibilities and we continue to be motivated and dedicated to growing and bettering our operation. We place emphasis on customer service and community involvement which will ultimately improve our overall reputation. Our employees possess a multitude of talents and versatility which contributes to our facility's potential. We will continue to give the overdue, yet necessary attention to our facility and equipment in order to maintain above average efficiencies. Our comradery concentrates our efforts on helping Alter Metal Recycling achieve the best reputation.

We are going to be having a customer appreciation day here in our yard in June. (not sure of the exact day yet though) We are going to grill hotdogs, brats, and supply a couple of sides and chips with sodas. I'm going to choose a Saturday and will remain open 1 hour longer, until 1 pm. for the day. I am planning on doing this a couple of more times over the summer to show our appreciation if all goes well. We will hand out advertisements to customers to get the word out, since we aren't allowed to run ads.

We are also putting together a Care Package for the troops, that was initiated by ILC here in town. They will be collecting the boxes from those involved to send off in the next couple of weeks.

We will also be assisting in a community clean-up project that I will also help to coordinate this summer. The campaign, “Keep Nebraska Beautiful” is the name, lead by Director, Anita Olson. We will supply a couple of roll-off boxes and utilize our truck to collect scrap metal and also transport material to the County Landfill. We are hoping to gain grant funding for the pickup and disposal of local community used tires during this time as well.

I have just recently became involved in Grand Island's Clean Community Systems have been asked to become an active/voting board member. The other board members are active members in areas of the community with titles from School Teachers to Vice Presidents of local corporations. I have been making some good contacts and learning more about the community and other local businesses.

We have been receiving lots of compliments lately too on our recent facility improvements. It feels good to be a part of such a proud growing team!

Services offered at Grand Island

  • Appliance Demanufacturing
  • Auto Demanufacturing
  • Baling
  • Crushing
  • Purchase Ferrous Metals
  • Purchase Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Purchase Cat Convertors
  • Transportation Services
  • Container Services
  • In field metal identification (i.e., Niton)
  • Shearing

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