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Sidney, Nebraska
Scrap Facility
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151 East Elm Street
Sidney, NE 69162
Phone: 308-254-3135

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Location Closed.
Please contact our location in Ogallala.
Phone: 308-284-3135

Facility Manager

Garth Ferris

About Sidney

Sidney, Nebraska became a settlement in 1867 by the Union Pacific Railroad to provide accomodations to the railroad construction workers.

In 1876 when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, Sidney became the transportation center for freighters that hauled supplies from the railroad to the frantic gold field site.

Much more recent history for Sidney would be in 1961 when Dick and Jim Cabela started the now world famous catalog business and outdoor sportsman's facilities. Sidney is a growing community due in part to Cabela's, but also with the location of two main railroads Bell Pole & Lumber recently opened a new plant in Sidney.

In 1959 the Sidney Alter Metal Recycling yard was a livestock sale barn. In 1982, Dan Munson of Sidney purchased the facility and started a used car parts business. Dan sold the business in 2005 to Chad Hrbek, who then in 2010 sold it to US Recycling. US Recycling owned the business for two years then sold it to Columbus Metal Industries. In the fall of 2013 Alter Trading Corporation acquired the Sidney yard as well as six other CMI locations in Nebraska.

Garth Ferris is the yard manager in Sidney. He has worked at this facility for four plus years. Garth was actually born into the scrap business and was raised by parents who taught him the business growing up. Under Garth's leadership he encourages his employees to deliver excellent customer service and always be willing to be helpful and open to learning new things. At the Sidney facility we sell used car parts as well as aftermarket and brokered parts. We purchase scrap farm equipment, cars, trucks, and many different non-ferrous metals and batteries. We work with the Keep Sidney Beautiful people with their recycling efforts for our community, as well as participate in the Great Trash Race in the spring.

We are located at 151 East Elm Street, west of the Greenwood Cemetery and behind Nebraskaland Tire.

Services offered at Sidney

  • Appliance Demanufacturing (Contract labor)
  • Auto Demanufacturing
  • Baling (Non-Ferrous)
  • Crushing (Cars)
  • Purchase Ferrous Metals
  • Purchase Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Purchase Cat Convertors
  • Transportation Services (We deliver rolloffs and we haul our scrap to Colorado with a company truck)
  • Container Services (Rolloffs)
  • Wrecker Services
  • Useable metal sales
  • In field metal identification (i.e., Niton)
  • Torching
  • Auto Parts Sales (Online and in yard)

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