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Alter Metal Recycling - June Spotlight Business of the Month Award

Alter Metal Recycling was awarded the June Spotlight Business of the Month. Business & Education Committee Chairman, Mark Liljehorn of USA Communications, presented the award to Facility Manager, Mark Simonson.

Alter Metal Recycling was started by Alter Trading Corporation as a small scrap yard in the Midwest in 1898. Through strong leadership and smart business practices, Alter has expanded to over 70 scrap processing facilities and 5 trading offices in 9 states. As a fourth generation privately owned business, Alter Trading Corporation has become one of the largest scrap processors in the country. Ferrous and non-ferrous materials from sources across the country are processed for recycling.

Alter's main focus is being able to offer the highest quality products and services to their customers. Alter provides these products and services to foundries, steel mills, and other manufacturing or processing facilities across the United States and the world. The Kearney Alter Metal Recycling location can be found at 4211 East 43rd Street Place.