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lter is committed to being a high quality provider of scrap metal, striving to constantly exceed customer expectations, especially when it comes to our environmental responsibilities. This commitment is demonstrated not only through our ISO-certified quality and environmental management systems, but also the following specific environmental programs tailored to protect us and our consumers:

Mercury Reduction Program

As an effort to assist in the reduction of mercury emissions from steel making, Alter fully supports the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program (NVMSRP). The NVMSRP is a national partnership of steel producers, scrap recyclers, vehicle manufacturers, State agencies, environmental organizations, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the program is to reduce the presence of mercury in the scrap supply by facilitating the removal of mercury-containing switches from end-of-life vehicles before they are flattened, shredded, and melted to make new steel. Additional information on the NVMSRP can be found at

From the early stages, we recognized the importance of participating in this national program and are committed to supporting this program and our consumers' efforts. We are participating in the NVMSRP and are actively encouraging our suppliers to do the same. As part of our ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System, environmental initiatives set forth in 2007 focused on increasing our efforts in removing mercury switches from end-of-life vehicles - both by us and our suppliers. The results are state-of-the-art vehicle demanufacturing stations at our receiving yards and a multi-media presentational brochure that is distributed to each of our suppliers to communicate our commitment and encourage them to learn more about this beneficial program.