Safety in our Operations

company Always safety conscious, Alter has a dedicate safety staff supported by a corporate director and administered throughout our regions of operations by safety managers and EHS coordinators. Our safety staff works daily in our operations to develop site specific safety programs and deliver regular safety training to employees. We have a program that rewards our employees for being active in reporting safety concerns to management called "Speaking up for Safety" this give each employee a voice and a direct way to help improve safety within our operations and be rewarded for improving our safety culture.

Safety of our Visitors

Recycling is an activity that can involve a family bringing in cans or a small business owner brining in demolition scrap or the Boy or Girl Scouts conducting a fund raiser. Because we get much of our product from the community it is important to educate them on the basic safety when visiting our facilities so we have created a safety brochure dedicated to keeping our customers safe.
Click to download Alter's Safety Brochure

Transportation Safety

Another part of keeping our employees and community safe is maintaining safe transportation equipment and professional drivers. For this reason we have a dedicated transportation staff to train our drivers on DOT and company safety requirements. We also conduct our own spot inspections of our equipment and drivers to ensure they are operating safely on the road. We look at it very simply...would we want that driver and equipment traveling down the road next to our family? Concerns about one of our drivers? Please email us at :