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Unacceptable & Conditionally Acceptable Materials
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his document outlines materials that are not accepted at Alter facilities and materials that may be accepted if certain conditions are met. This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Common sense and best judgment will be used to determine which materials can be managed in a safe and responsible manner that minimizes risk and potential liabilities for all parties. Special situations or requests for deviations are to be discussed and cleared with your account executive prior to delivery. Alter's account executives and facility managers are available to answer questions or to discuss concerns you may have.

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Scrap Metal Theft



Materials theft has become an overwhelming problem across the country. Its impact on the scrap recycling industry is significant. Recyclers have become both the victims of theft and the target for legislative efforts to solve the theft problem.

As a member of ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.), Alter Metal Recycling is working earnestly toward minimizing our risk of purchasing stolen scrap metal and we support industry-wide attempts to stem the tide of material theft.

That's why all Alter locations use video surveillance to record illegal activity and aid law enforcement officials in their efforts to catch thieves. We also participate in industry-wide web alert systems for stolen material, and comply with all state regulations and local ordinances aimed at theft prevention.